As a Responder, you can view, open, and manage your assigned incidents in the Incident journal of your mobile app. If you are a Responder with Supervisor permissions, you can monitor all incidents in your organization even if these incidents are not assigned to you.
You can access the Incident journal from the Home screen or from the Main menu in your mobile app.

Accessing the Incident Journal from your  Home Screen

To open the Incidents journal from the Home screen, tap Incidents.

The Incident journal lists the incidents that have been dispatched to you.

The information shown for each incident Includes:

  • Incident type

  • Incident priority level

  • Incident icon and number

  • Address

  • Distance to the incident (based on your last known location)

Accessing the Incident Journal from the Main Menu

You can open the Incident journal from the Main menu (3-lines) by tapping the Menu icon and then tapping Incidents.

The Incident journal opens, as shown above.
Note: The Menu options shown above may differ according to your permissions and level of access.

Filtering Incidents in the Incident Journal

To filter incidents in the journal, tap the Filter icon.

On the Filter Incidents screen, select the filter criteria you want to use, and then tap Done to filter the Incident journal or Reset to clear your selections.

Returning to the Home Screen and/or Navigation Menu

To return to the Home screen, tap the blue arrow at the top left of the screen.

Supervisor Users

If you have been given the role of Supervisor, as well as that of Responder, you are able to view all incidents dispatched in the system. If you are a Responder only, you can only view incidents that have been assigned to you.
As a Supervisor, you have an additional icon in the Incident journal. The My/All (incidents) icon that appears in the top section of the Incident journal screen enables you to switch between viewing all incidents (All) and viewing only your incidents (My).

Tap the icon to toggle between All incidents, and My incidents.

Sort Incidents

You can sort incidents by category as follows:

  • Time

  • Status

  • Near me

  • Priority

  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Tap the Sort icon at the top right of the Incident journal screen to sort the incidents. A popup appear from the bottom of the screen showing the categories by which you can sort.

Select the sort category by tapping the required icon in the popup. The incident list is sort according to the selected category and the Sort icon changes to reflect the sorting category.

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