A POI (Point of Interest), is a location that is of interest to your organization. It can be anything on the map, for example, an intersection, a fire hydrant, a police station, basically any point on the map that you choose to save. POIs are useful for many reasons: they can be used as points of reference and you can see them on the map when you show the POI layer from the info tab. You can add a location to an incident using a POI, and create new POIs from the address of new incidents.

Adding multiple POIs to your maps can be undertaken easily by using the NowForce Bulk Update Excel tool.

To upload a Batch POI

  1. Request the Excel template file (POI Template) from NowForce Support.

  2. Populate each field: Name, Address, Latitude, Longitude, Tags. All fields are mandatory.

3. If you do not have the geo-coordinates for your POI, you can automatically generate geo-coordinates by entering the Address field and clicking the Geo Code POI button. The Latitude and Longitude fields will be populated.
4. Save the file and email to NowForce Support.

Read more about batch uploads in the NowForce Bulk Upload Guide.

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