Setting the Default Map Center and Zoom Level of a Dispatch Center

Administrator can set the default map center and zoom level for each Control Center, in the Map Zoom Setting page. This will be the default map view that will be seen in the Map panel when the dispatcher logs into the system for the first time.

To get to the Map Zoom Setting page, go to Settings (gear icon in the upper left corner of the main screen) and chose 'Map Zoom' under the 'Geography' section:

You will reach the Map Zoom setting page, where you can edit the map center and zoom level for each control center:

To set the map center and zoom level:

Click on the 'Edit' icon in the relevant Control Center: 

You can enter a street address, coordinates or click on the pin icon to chose a location on the map, and choose the Zoom level you want by using the arrows or enter requested value:

After configuring the values, you can click on the 'Center Map' icon to see the map preview.

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