The default map view is displayed when the Dispatcher Operator logs into a Control Center or selects the Open Map panel. You can customize the default map center and zoom level for each Control Center. 

To set the default map center and zoom level preference:

  1. From the Main screen, select Settings > Geography, and then select Map Zoom

The Map Center and Zoom Level table opens.

2. In the Actions column, click the Edit icon of the control center whose map you need to edit.

 The Street, Coordinates and Zoom Level are editable.

3. Type a new address into the Street field.
Corresponding Coordinates  are automatically added. Click the Center Map icon to display the new map in the preview panel.

4. Select the Increase or Decrease Value arrow to adjust the Zoom Level to your preference.  The map adjacent to the table previews the changes to the zoom level. 

5. Click the Tick icon to save.

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