The user scoring mechanism was designed in order to provide system administrators with a tool to track their responders' performance, based on a number derived from three parameters: responsiveness, availability and user seniority within the organization.

Responsiveness: Calculates the percentage of times the user responds to a dispatch on his mobile app, compared with the number of times they were dispatched

User Availability: Calculates the number of hours the user is online out of a total number of hours since they first logged into the mobile application.

User Seniority in Organization: Calculates the time since the mobile user first logged into the mobile application until today.

Scoring is calculated using the following default weighting (can be changed upon request for each individual organization):

  • User Availability: 30%
  • User Responsiveness: 50%
  • User Seniority In Organization: 20%

All the parameters are calculated from the moment the user logs into the mobile application, and rely on information dating back a maximum of six months.

How to Activate the Scoring Mechanism

If the scoring mechanism isn't already activated, go to Setup/Organization/Config to activate it.

Click on the Edit button and then check the checkbox and click save. You will need to log out and log into the browser in order to view the changes.

How to View User Scoring Results

You can view the scoring results in two places:

The Users grid in the New Dispatcher

The Users table in Setup/Users

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