Users Panel

The Users panel will display a list of all the users in the system and their main characteristics, including:

  • The user's icon that doubles as a menu
  • Username
  • User full name
  • Groups associate with this user
  • Roles the user fulfills
  • Equipment the user carries
  • User score
  • Number of active incidents that have been sent to this user
  • User's availability status
  • Latest communications status
  • User's location
  • The user's permission profile
  • User's current mode of transportation
  • Additional actions

Open the User Panel - (see Dispatcher Panels Overview article) and view the users in the account.

To access more information on a specific user, click on certain icons in the list:

Click on the check box to display the user on the map:

Stand on the blue triangle on the user's icon to view a list of additional actions.

  • Click "Edit" to edit the user's details
  • Click "Message" to send a message to this user through the NowForce mobile app.
  • Click "Dispatch" to dispatch the user to an incident.
  • Click "Track User" to view the user's location history.
  • Click "Reset Password" to send an email to the user with a request to reset their password.
  • Click "Disable" to disable the user.

If the user is associated with more than one group, fulfills more than one role or carries more than one type of equipment, hover over the user's information to see full details:

Hover over the number of incidents to see a list of active incidents that the user has been dispatched to:

Hover over the user's status icon to see a list of the user's latest statuses:

Hover over the user's communications update icon to see latest communication updates:

Hover over the user's location to view a list of latest locations:

The yellow icon with "!" indicator represents users that are low on battery and/or use an older version of the mobile app:

Dispatchers will no longer receive a popup Alert when manually dispatching users with this status.

Click on the user's action buttons in order to call, message or email the user:

In the top right corner of the panel there are seven additional icons:

Click this icon to refresh the list

Click this icon to search for a specific user

Click on this icon to send a message to users

Click on this icon to add a new user to the system

Click on this icon to maximize the panel

Click on this icon to minimize the panel

Click on this icon to close the panel

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