Get Directions Button

Click the Get Directions button on the left side of the map

Click points on the map or type the address or name of place in the directions card popup.

The best route to your destination will display on the map in light blue. It will also be listed as the first of the suggested routes under the directions card popup. To change between suggested routes, click on the desired route from the list.

To add additional destinations, go to the left side of the directions card popup and click the + . To change the order of your destinations, click the on the right side of the directions card popup.

Driving, transit, and walking directions can be selected by clicking on the corresponding icons at the top of the direction card popup.

Calculate Distance Button

Click on the Calculate Distance button

Click two points on the map to meassure distance. Note that the distance calculated between the two points is actual distance and not driving distance.

Directions between both points can be displayed by clicking Get Directions

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