As a responder, when you arrive at the scene of an incident to which you have been dispatched, you can stream live video and audio of an incident from the Responder app. These functions, however, only become available when you confirm that you have arrived at the scene of the incident.

To stream live video and audio from an incident:

  1. Tap Acknowledge in the Responder screen as soon as you receive notification of the incident.

The Live Stream and Channel PTT icons appear.

2. Tap the Video icon to start streaming live video to the Dispatcher.

3. Tap the Video Display area to enlarge it. Note that the Video icon turns red to indicate that you are streaming live video.

4. Tap the Stop icon at the lower right of the Video Display area to stop the live stream. You can tap the Video icon again to restart live streaming.
5. Tap and hold the Chanel PTT icon to talk to the dispatch operator. 












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