You add and manage users in the Users panel on the Dispatcher home screen. Use the search bar to help you manage your user list.

To add a new user:

  1. From the Users panel, click Add User (+).

The New User window opens.

Scroll down to view the lower part of the New User window.

2. Enter the user details in the respective fields, and click Next.
The Organization tab appears.
Note: The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory, and you cannot proceed to the Organization tab if these mandatory details are not entered.

For the sake of clarity, a description and instructions on how to complete each tab in the New User window is provided in a separate section below.

Organization Tab

The Organization tab includes the following sub-tabs:

  • Permissions
  • Control Centers
  • Group Membership
  • Roles
  • Equipment

Adding Permissions

Permissions profiles are essential parts of the system. They determine the access that each user has to specific functions in the Dispatcher and on their mobile devices.

You assign each user to a permissions profile and based on that profile. The user can see different aspects of the Dispatcher or mobile application and enable them to perform the different functions according to their assigned permissions.

There are three default permission profiles: Administrator, Dispatcher and Responder.

Each of these can be modified according to the specific requirements of the organization, and you can also add new profiles.

Choose the permission profile for the new user.

Available Licenses

On the right side of the panel you can see the number of licenses your organization uses for each permission.

In the above example we are adding a Responder user, If you want to add a new Dispatcher you will need to assign them to a Control Center. For information on how to assign Dispatchers to control centers, click here.

Adding Groups

Click the Group Membership tab, and choose the group you want to use. If required you can create a new group using the + Add Group button.

Adding Roles

Click the Roles tab, and choose the roles you want to use. If required you can create a new role using the + Add Role button.

Adding Equipment

Click the Equipment tab, and choose the kind of equipment the user has. If required you can add new equipment using the + Add Equipment button.

Click Next to open the Mobile Device tab.

Adding a Mobile Device

The Mobile Device tab enables you to see the App type based on the users permission profile.

On the right side of the panel you can see the last communication status with the user.
As this is a new user no location is shown as the use has not connected yet.

Click Next to open the Geofence tab.

Adding Geofences

You can configure geofencing by creating personal polygons for the user that define areas on the map that are associated with that user.

You can connect personal polygons to certain incident types, to be triggered when a user enters or exits a personal polygon.

For example, you can choose when a user exits/enters a polygon, it will create an SOS call for the dispatch operator.

Click Next to open the Contacts tab.

Adding Contacts

Adding Emergency (SOS) Contacts to a User

When a user activates an SOS call from the mobile application, it creates a new incident in the Dispatcher, and activates the organization's emergency response protocols.

If the user has emergency contacts listed, these contacts will be notified via SMS or email. You can configure emergency contacts for each user in Dispatcher.

Adding Personal Contacts

You can add personal contacts in the Personal Contacts sub-tab.
Click Add Contacts to add new personal contacts for the user.

Adding Group Contacts

To manage this contact list you must open the groups settings. For more details, click here.

Click Finish to save the new user details.
For information on how to disable and reactivate users, click here.

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