Field Reports

Use this tab to create field reports. Field Reports are a type of additional status report that can be sent from the mobile application and are used in addition to the standard status reports, such as Go, No Go and Cancel. Once you have created field reports, you can add them to incident rules in the Rules tab.

The Field Reports tab

Examples of Field Reports as they appear on the mobile app:

You can add and modify field reports in the Field Reports tab, which you can reach from the Setup Menu, in the Incidents option.

To get to the Field Reports tab:

You will reach the Incidents tab, and you will see the Incident option on screen. Click on the Field Reports tab at the top of the screen to reach the Field Reports screen.

Adding Field Reports

To add a field report:

  1. Type a number into the Field Report Number column

  2. Type a name into the Field Report Name column.

  3. Click Select to choose the icon you want.

  4. To choose the format of the report, click on the down arrow of the Field Report Format box and select the format you want.

  5. If you want the report to appear as a pop-up on the dispatcher, click on the checkbox in the Pop-up column.

  6. Click Add to add the field report.

Editing or Deleting Field Reports

To edit or delete a field report:

  1. Click the down arrow in the Actions column of the field report you want to make changes to.

  2. Click Edit to edit the field report or Delete to delete the field report.

  3. Edit: Change the relevant fields. Click Save to save changes, or Cancel to discard changes.

  4. Delete: A confirmation pop-up appears. Click OK to delete the field report, or Cancel to cancel the action.

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