The Navigation feature in the Details tab of the Responder app enables you select one of the navigation apps on your mobile device (for example, Waze. Google maps or Apple Maps for iPhone users) to navigate to the incident. You can change the default navigation app by tapping the dropdown arrow below the default navigation app's icon.
For more information on the Details tab in the Responder app, click here.

The Navigation icon is located to the right of the map in the Details tab of the Responder app.

To navigate in the Responder app:

  1. Tap the Navigation icon to show the navigation options available on your mobile device. 

2. Select the desired navigation app. 

Note: If you don't have navigation apps installed on your mobile device, visit the device's app store to download the navigation apps.

The navigation app  opens (in the foreground, placing the Responder app in the background) with both the device's current location and the incident location preloaded.
The following screenshots show examples of the navigation maps in 3 navigation apps.

3. Select the desired route from route options, or use the route recommended by the navigation app.

4. To return to the Responder app, bring it back to the foreground on your mobile device.
Note: After selecting a navigation app in the Responder app, it remains your default navigation app. If you want to use an alternate navigation app, tap the down-arrow below the Navigation icon and select the desired navigation app. 

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