Managing Dispatch Centers

The Control Centers settings page is where you manage all the control centers that have been created for the organization. You can use this page to add and manage new control centers. When you open the page for the first time, you will see information for one center. This is the default Main Control Center that has complete unlimited control over all resources of the organization.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep It Simple wherever you can - if your organization has no need to compartmentalize information and if you are fine with all dispatchers having access to all users, incidents and assets then it is recommended to maintain the default main control center. However, if you need to manage separate views or if you wish to limit access to information - then you will need to create and manage multiple Control Centers. 

Managing centers is done from the Setup Menu, in the Organization option. For in-depth explanations of control center permission assignment and its implication on user/incident filtering, please read the following article:

Main Control Center Settings

As mentioned above, the Main Control Center is your organization's default control center. The Main CC has unlimited jurisdiction; all users, groups, geographical areas, and incident types that you create are always available in the Main CC and cannot be hidden or limited.
The only modifications you can make to the Main Control Center parameters are the following: 

  • ID

  • Name

  • SOS/Main Phone Number 

  • Define Dispatcher/Supervisors that have access to the Main CC.

Accessing the Control Center Settings Table

On the Administrator settings page click the Organization tab and then click the Control Centers button:

The Control Centers table is divided into two sections: The Main Control Center and any other Control Centers you create. The table columns display the following information:

Learn more about the Control Center settings table here.

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