Messages in the form or SMS, Emails and Mobile App notifications are used throughout the system for various purposes, including:

  • Communicating with responders

  • Contacting individuals in an incident

  • Contacting emergency contacts of an SOS Incident creator

  • Dispatching Virtual Users

  • Fallback contact processes if typical communication methods have failed

You must first configure the SMS and Email service providers for your organization in the Outgoing SMS and Outgoing Email tabs and then apply these settings to the organizational wide notifications in the Communication tab.


  • Only users with Basic Responder and above licenses will be able to receive in app notifications.

  • Users personal data must include mobile and email addresses and be tagged as primary in the Personal tab of the User window to receive SMS and Email notifications.

To configure your organizations notification settings

  1. Go to Settings > Organization > Interfaces.

  2. Open the Outgoing SMS tab and using the dropdown, select the Control Center.

    Note: You can define SMS providers per control center.

  3. Complete the fields for Username, Password, Sender number and Http Header.

  4. Open the Outgoing Email tab

  5. Complete the fields for

    1. Sender Email Address

      Note: If the email account is not defined, emails will be sent from the default email account

    2. SMTP Server URL

    3. SMTP Server Port

    4. SMTP Username

    5. SMTP User Password.

  6. Optional, select Use TLS checkbox.

  7. Open the Communication Settings tab.

  8. Select the communication methods for Dispatch, Incident Contacts and Messages from the dropdown menu.

    The notification options are:

    • Via the Mobile App Only - Only sends a mobile app notification to the user.

    • SMS/Email if Mobile App Fails - Sends a mobile app notification, if the mobile app notification fails, a fallback SMS and Email are sent to the user.

    • Mobile App, SMS and Email - All three notifications are sent to the user.

  9. Select the check boxes required:

    1. Distress - Sends an SMS/Email notification to the emergency contacts of an SOS Incident creator

    2. Dispatching Virtual Users - Send SMS/Email dispatch notification to Virtual Users

    3. Manual SMS - Sends an SMS manual to a user via Dispatcher.

  10. Click Save.

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