Text messages (SMS) are used throughout the system for various purposes, including:

To alert assets or an asset's group SOS contacts of an occurrence -
A text message (SMS) can be sent to a "Group SOS Contact" or to an "Asset" by editing an Asset's information

For more information on editing an asset's contact information and group SOS contacts, check out How to Manage Assets.       

To alert the personal contacts and group contacts of a specific user, of an occurrence - users that add personal contacts and/or group contacts, either through their mobile apps or through the dispatcher, can have them automatically contacted in cases of emergency, etc. In addition, the administrator enabled this option in the organization configuration.

To contact a responder which has otherwise failed to communicate through the mobile application -In this case, a text message (SMS) can be sent to a mobile user directly from the dispatcher. 

How to activate the Text Messaging (SMS) module 

In order for text messaging (SMS) to be readily available, an interface with an SMS provider is required, as well as permission to access the system settings.

To configure the interface, go to the 'Interfaces' setting page by clicking on the 'Settings' (gear icon in the upper left corner of the dispatcher main screen)and choosing "interfaces" under the Organization section:

You can define for each secondary control center its own SMS provider by selecting the Control Center name:

To complete the outgoing messaging configuration after choosing the Control Center: 

  1. Select the outgoing text messaging (SMS) provider from the dropdown menu
  2. Enter Username and Password (generate or confirmed by the text messaging provider)
  3. Enter the sender's telephone number (generated or confirmed by the text messaging provider)
  4. Click on 'Save' to save configurations for this control center

Note: If you define SMS Gateway to the main control center, all secondary control center will "use" the same Gateway when sending sms messages.

Next, select the check boxes that most accurately define the situations in which text
messages or email are to be sent and click on 'Save':

Note, you can chose a Sender Email Address for outgoing email messaging:

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