If you try to dispatch a Resource and it fails, do the following:

In the dispatcher

In the Settings option, go to Users and check that the user is:

  • Online
  • The last sync time is recent
  • The communication method that is set for the resource is correct
  • The App Type is set to "Responder"

In the XML files you can see if there's a problem with the dispatch. Go to Logs/System and search for the user to see if there's an error in the push to the responder's mobile application.

On the Responder's Mobile

Check the mobile settings:

  1. The mobile phone is turned on
  2. The mobile phone is connected to a network (you can see the symbol of the mobile network or wireless)
  3. The NowForce app is installed and is running
  4. The responder status is set to "Online"

In Addition, please follow all the steps described in the following Article to make sure your Mobile Device and Application Settings are all set correctly:


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