You can filter the log entries of specific incidents in the Incident window by the following tabs:

  • All: Shows all log entries
  • System: Shows internal system logs such as which users (dispatcher operators) are viewing this incident, etc.
  • Dispatcher: Shows actions taken by the dispatcher such as sending an update to the mobile users.
  • End Users: Shows actions taken by mobile end users that have the necessary permissions to update an incident. For example, report statuses, send updates and reports, and even complete checklists for the dispatch operator.
  • Reports: Shows incident reports.
  • Checklist: Shows checklist updates from end users.

For more information on the Incident Log tab in the Incidents window, click here

To filter an incident log:

  1. In Dispatcher, open the Incidents panel.
  2. Locate the incident whose log entries you want to view, right-click on the incident icon, and select Edit Incident.
  3. Click the Log tab to view the incident's log.

4. Select the filter to show the log entries you want to view.

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