The Organization tab of the User Management window, shows the licenses available in your organization.
The Available Licenses area that appears on the right of the Permissions Profile area lists the licenses being used for that particular profile. The following screenshots shows the available licenses in your organization, as well as the licenses being used by the Administrator permission profile.

In this example, the following licenses are being used:

  • Dispatcher
  • Responder
  • Reporter/SOS

The licenses being used are indicated by a yellow check mark on the left of the license. A white check mark indicates that the license is not being used by that particular permission profile.
The numbers to the right of each license type indicate the number of licenses being used out of the total available licenses (the number in parenthesis). For example : Dispatcher 4 (15), means that  this organization is using 4 Dispatcher licenses out of 15 that are available. (You can purchase more licenses by clicking the Purchase Licenses link.).

Each profile uses different license according to their permission profile.

The following example, shows a Dispatcher permission profile using 1 Dispatcher license.

The following example, shows a Responder permission profile using 1 Responder license

The following example, shows an SOS/Reporter permission profile without active tracking using 1 Reporter license.

The following example, shows the Reporter Active permission profile uses 2 different licenses: 1 Reporter license and 1 with Active Tracking license.

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