Assets are any entities in or outside the organization that are of importance or relevance to the organization’s operational activities but do not possess or use a NowForce app (in other words they are not Users or Units). For example, medical kits, fire extinguisher, video cameras, exit doors, and so on. 

Assets are listed in the Assets panel that you access from the main Dispatcher screen. The Assets panel concentrates in one place all the organization's assets, such as people, contact details and a variety of objects.

The Assets panel enables you to view, create and edit assets in the Dispatcher.

To open the Assets panel, click the Open Assets icon or the Open Panels icon in the Dispatcher toolbar.

If you clicked the Open Panels icon, you must now select Assets from the dropdown list.

The Assets panel opens.

The Assets panel lists all the assets in the system and their main characteristics, and has the following columns:

  • Icon
  • Asset Name
  • Category
  • Type
  • Application associated with the asset
  • Location of the asset
  • Asset status
  • Comments
  • Relationships to other assets
  • Additional actions

Hover your cursor on an asset's icon to view a list of actions you can take.

Hover over the asset type, application or relationship to see the details of the asset.

Click on one of the asset's action buttons to call, message or email the asset:

The Assets panel has the following toolbar icons.

Refresh: Click to refresh the list.

Search: Click to search for a specific asset.

Add: Click to add a new asset in the system.

Maximize: Click to maximize the panel. This icon changes to the Minimize icon when the Assets panel is maximized.

Minimize: Click to minimize the panel. This icon changes to the Maximize icon when the Assets panel is maximized.

Close: Click to close the panel.
For information on how to add and edit assets, click here.

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