Assets Panel

The Assets panel will display a list of all the Assets in the system and their main characteristics, including:

  • Icon
  • Asset Name
  • Category
  • Type
  • Application associated with the asset
  • Location of the asset
  • Comments
  • Relationships to other assets
  • Additional actions

Stand on the blue triangle on the Asset's icon to view a list of actions to take:

Hover over the asset type, application or relationship to see the details of the asset.

Click on the asset's action buttons in order to call, message or email the asset:

In the top right corner of the panel there are six additional icons:

Click this icon to refresh the list

Click this icon to search for a specific asset

Click on this icon to add a new asset in the system

Click on this icon to maximize the panel

Click on this icon to minimize the panel

Click on this icon to close the panel

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