The Messages panel shows all the active messages (messages that have not expired), that have been sent by the dispatch operator.

The Messages panel has the following columns:

  • When: Date and time the message was sent.
  • Expires: The number of days before the message expires.
  • Created by: The name of the dispatch operator who created the message.
  • High Priority: Indicates if the message was sent as a high priority message.
  • Request Recipient Location: Indicates if the message includes a request that the recipient send you their location.
  • Message: The message text. Hover your cursor in the Message column to open a pop-up revealing the full message text.
  • Recipients: The number of recipients to whom the message was sent.
  • Pending, Delivered, Reading, Replied: Columns indicating the current status of the message.
  • Details: Click View to display more details about the message.

Depending on your user permissions, the Messages panel shows the messages of all dispatch operators, or only the messages sent by you.

The following is an example of the Messages panel.

Hover over the message content to display the full message

Click the View link in the Details column to view all the message details, including statistics or responses and user information.

You can perform the following additional actions in the Message Details panel:

  • Click the Replies tab to view a summary of the replies to the selected message.
  • To add more users to the current message, click the User icon at the top right of the Message Details panel, and add additional users in the View question / Add recipients pop-up window that opens.
  • To create a new message to new users, click the New Message icon at the top right of the Message Details panel, and create a new message.
  • To create a new message for the same users who received the current message, select the check boxes to the left of each user, and then click the New Message icon to create the new message.

The Messages panel toolbar has the following icons:

  • Refresh: Click to refresh the list of messages.
  • Search: Click to search for a specific message.
  • New Message: Click to create a new message.
  • Maximize: Click to maximize the Messages panel.
  • Minimize: Click ┬áto minimize the Messages panel.
  • Close: Click to close the Messages panel.

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