Attaching Field Reports to Incident Types

Field Reports can be sent from the mobile application and are used in addition to the standard status reports, such as Go, No Go and Cancel. You can define the field report you want to add under specific preconditions, and how the report is shown in the dispatcher. Field reports must be predefined in the Field Reports tab. See How to Create and Modify Field Reports for more information.

Field Reports are configured in the Rules tab, which you can reach from the Setup Menu, in the Incidents option.

To get to the Rules tab:

  1. You will reach the Incidents tab, and you will see the Incident option on screen. Click on the Rules tab at the top of the screen to reach the Rules screen.

Configuring Field Reports in the Rules tab

The Fields Report section of the Rules tab

To add a field report:

  1. Click on the down arrow in the Add Field Report column to choose the field report you want to add.

  2. To choose if the report appears on the dispatcher as a log report or as a flash update that is sent to all responders for the specific incident.Log: To choose the log option,click on the checkbox in the Log columnFlash: To choose the flash option, click on the checkbox in the Flash column

  3. If you want the report to appear as a pop-up on the dispatcher, click on the checkbox in the Pop-up column.

  4. The field report can appear throughout the cycle of the incident on the field report, or can be preconditioned to appear only when the responder has sent a specific status to the dispatcher.

  5. Add field report to all statuses: For the report to appear throught the cycle of incident, don't choose an option in the Preconditions column.

  6. Add preconditions: To choose a status as a precondition for the field report, click on the down arrow in the Precondition column and choose the status you want.

  7. Click Add to add the field report.

Editing or Deleting Field Reports from Incident Types

To edit or delete a field report:

  1. Click the down arrow in the Actions column of the field report you want to make changes to.

  2. Click Edit to edit the field report or Delete to delete the field report. Edit: Change the relevant fields. Click Save to save changes, or Cancel to discard changes. Delete: A confirmation pop-up appears. Click OK to delete the field report, or Cancel to cancel the action.

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