A Virtual User is User who does not use the Responder app and has to be manually dispatched and managed by the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher logs a Virtual User's timeline and actions manually.

A classic example of a Virtual User is a Responder using a radio device and can't use the Responder application, or a 'station' that needs to be called to the incident.

Creating a Virtual User

You create a Virtual User like any other user, see Adding and Managing Users

Note: You will need to select only the Virtual User permission profile in the Organization tab.

Dispatching a Virtual User

The virtual user  has to be manually searched for in order to become visible in the Dispatcher tab.

  1. Click on the Manual Search bar to search for the Virtual User.

2. Select the Virtual User from the dropdown list click the + icon in the Status column.  

3. Manually enter the dispatch status and time.

SMS on Virtual User Dispatch

Virtual Users can be configured, by the Administrator, to receive a SMS upon manual dispatch.  

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