What is a Virtual User

A Virtual User is a user that can be created in case you would like to create an entity that is not going to use the mobile application but Dispatchers will still want to dispatch and keep a log on their timeline and actions. A classic example for a virtual user can be a Responder that is using a radio device and can't use the Responder application or a 'station' that needs to be called to the incident.

Creating a Virtual User

You can create a Virtual User like any other user, but make sure you select a permission profile that is only have the Virtual User permission.

Dispatching a Virtual User

The virtual user will show up in the Dispatch tab only after the Dispatcher will manually search for this user in the search box.

After selecting the user from the dropdown list you can Click the + icon in the Status column:

and manually enter the dispatch status and time:

SMS on Virtual User dispatch

Administrator can configure that every time a virtual user is dispatched to the incident (by clicking the envelope icon in the Dispatch tab above) a text message (SMS) will be sent to the mobile number of the virtual user. This configuration is available under Setup-Organizations-Interfaces and requires an SMS gateway account:

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