You can change a responder status manually in the Incident window. This includes setting the date and time of the status change.

To change a user's status:

  1. In Dispatcher, open the Incidents panel.
  2. Locate the incident whose status you want to change, right-click on the incident icon, and select Edit Incident.
  3. Click the Dispatch tab to view the users dispatched to the incident.
  4. Locate the user whose status you want to change, and click the Status icon in the Status column.

The Users Status pop-up opens.

5. From the Status dropdown list select the desired status.

6. On the right of the Time box, click the Calendar and then the Time icons, and , select the required date and time, respectively, you want for the status change.

7. Click OK to confirm and save the status change.

For a description of the Status icons, click here.
For information on how to view Status History, click here.

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