You assign dispatch operators to control centers in the Organization tab of the User Manager window. Usually control centers are created in the system by the system administrator, but if you have the necessary permissions, you can also create new control centers.

To assign a dispatch operator to a control center:

  1. From the Users panel locate the dispatch operator user whom you want to assign to a control center.
  2. Right-click on the User icon, and then click Edit. The User Manager window opens.
  3. Click the Organization tab.

The Organization tab opens.
4. Confirm that the user has been assigned Dispatcher permissions.

5. Click Control Centers.      

By default the user is assigned to the Main Control Center (EOC in the above example).
6. If you want to assign the user to another control center, click the respective control center icon. A green rectangle appears around the selected control center.
7. If you want to create a new control center, click + New Control Center to open the administration application where you can create a new control center. For information on control centers in the administration application, click here.
8. Click Save to save your changes.


  • The disptach operator must log out in order for the change to be effected.
  • When logging back in, after entering username/password, the Dispatcher will now see their full list of available Control Centers:

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