When you want dispatchers to be alerted to incidents opened by users, a Radio Button or Check Box icon must be included in the Incident Form template, and configured as follows:

To add an alert:

1. From the Main screen, select Settings > Incidents, and then select Forms Editor.

The Forms Editor page opens.

2. From the Choose Template Type dropdown list, select Incidents.
3. From the Choose Template dropdown list select the template you want to modify.
4. Drag the Radio Button icon from the left side template pane into the Form pane. The Radio Button icon appears in the Form pane.

5. Click the Radio Button option, the Basic Settings pane opens on the left side.
Alertable is highlighted.
6. For each Radio Button option that requires an alert, select Alertable in the Basic Settings pane.
7. Click Save.

Here is an example of an Alert:

Key word: A_FormsEditor, A_Alerts

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