You can add a dynamic report to an incident type in the Administrator application. Dynamic reports are listed in the Dynamic Status tab of the Incidents section of the Administrator application. If you want to add a new dynamic report to an incident, you must first confirm that the report exists, and if not, you must create the new report. adding a dynamic report to an incident type enables responders to be more specific with their reports when they arrive on-scene at an incident. 

Dynamic Statuses for Incidents

There are 2 types of statuses for incidents:

  • Incident Progress Statuses: These are the statuses reported by responders as part of their progress in the incident life cycle and include the statuses of: Acknowledge, En-Route, On-Scene and Done.
  • Incident Situation Reports: These are the alerts responders can report to describe a situation that requires the attention of other participants in the incident. These reports are addable and customizable, and are referred to as dynamic reports or statuses.

Defining Dynamic Statuses

To define a new dynamic status (report) you must first add the new status to the list of Dynamic Statuses, and then add the new dynamic status to the appropriate incident.
To add a new dynamic status:              

  1. From the Main screen, select Settings> INCIDENTS, and then select Dynamic Statuses.

The Dynamic Statuses screen opens.

2. In Add Dynamic Status area, enter the details for the new dynamic status in the respective fields, and click Add.

The new dynamic status is added to the list of Dynamic Statuses.
3. In the INCIDENTS group, click Incidents.
4. Locate the incident to which you want to add the new dynamic status and after hovering your cursor over the incidents icon, select Edit.

The Incidents Type window opens.
5. Click on the Status tab and the Dynamic Statuses open.
6. To add a dynamic status that already exists to the incident, go to the Situation Reports area, click +Add and select the required dynamic status from the Report dropdown list. 

7. Click Save.
8. To create a new dynamic status, go to the Situation Reports area, click +Create New Situation Report.
The Situation Report pop up opens.

9. Complete the respective fields, and click Save.
The new status becomes available in the Report dropdown list.
10. Go back to step 6 to add the new report to the incident type.




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