This article explains how to connect a Flic Button to the Symphia NowForce mobile app. Once properly connected and configured, a pressing your Flic Button will activate an SOS emergency call via your NowForce mobile app.

NOTE Flic Buttons are supported by Symphia NowForce Mobile Apps in Android and iOS, however, the integration process is specific to mobile operating system.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure you have downloaded and installed the approriate Flic app on your device for Android or iOS .

  • To associate your Flic Button with your device, follow the Flic Setup Tutorial.

  • Ensure you have updated your Symphia NowForce mobile to version 5.9.

Configuring Flic Button to Integrate with your Android Device

To enable your Flic Button to send an SOS call via the Android version of the Symphia NowForce mobile app, you must undertake the configuration in the Flic App on your mobile phone.

To configure your Flic Button for your Android device

  1. In your Flic App, open the PHONE tab and select the Flic Button you want to configure.

2. In the Event screen, tap on Click.

3. In the actions list tap Advanced.

4. From the Advanced list tap Send Intent.

5. In the Send Intent screen, in the Action (Optional) box enter nowforce.sos (in lower case letters).

6. Scroll down to the Target and tap on the Broadcast option.

7. Tap on SAVE ACTION.

Configuring Flic Button to Integrate with your iOS Device

To enable a Flic Button to work with your iOS device, you must associate the Flic Button with your Symphia NowForce Mobile Application.

To Associate the Flic Button to the NowForce Mobile App

  1. Open your NowForce mobile app and navigate to the SETTINGS.

  2. In the SETTINGS screen, tap on Utilities.

  3. In UTILITIES, tap Connect a Flic Button.

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