Receiving your first experience shipment

After your medical consultation, your first shipment will typically be delivered within 3 business days.

How do I receive my subsequent packages?

After each session you will fill out your Experience Tracker Survey found within the Experience section of the app. However, after completing the last experience within your shipment, your nue survey will ask a few additional questions about your next shipment. This helps us ensure you’re always receiving the most helpful care, so you and your nue provider will discuss any necessary changes that may need to be made prior to your next shipment. Once you confirm with your provider, your script will be sent to the pharmacy.

What does this mean?

Say you purchased the nue.reset program

In your first shipment, you will receive the medication for your first experience. After your experience, you will submit the Experience Tracker Survey found in the Experience section of the app.

Once the survey is submitted, and your provider confirms your dose in the chat, you will be shipped the second shipment. Your second shipment will contain the medication for your second and third experiences.

After each experience you will be asked to fill out the Experience Tracker Survey found within the Experience section of the app. After completing the third experience of your second shipment, the survey will ask some additional questions about your third shipment. After submission, you will receive your 3rd shipment containing your fourth, fifth, and sixth experiences.

Please note that if you opted in to one of our longer programs the time between shipments may vary.

Why are packages sent subsequently?

Our dose discovery process ensures we find quickly and accurately the right dose based on real patient data and factors in your personal experience and medical history. You can learn more about the dose discovery process here.

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