Your initial medical consultation is a 45-minute video visit with our medical provider on the Nue Life app or web portal.

On the day of your initial medical consultation, you will receive an email reminder 10 minutes prior to your appointment start time. This reminder will contain a unique link for accessing your evaluation within the Nue Life app or web portal.

You may also access your medical evaluation by navigating directly to the Reflect Screen, within the Nue Life App or web portal, five minutes before your scheduled start time.

Please allow a 5-minute grace period for your practitioner, in case their previous appointment runs longer than usual.

Please note, 1st and 2nd missed consultations and cancellations of under 24 hours will result in a cancellation fee of $25 and $75, respectively. A third missed consultation or late cancellation will result in discharge from our program.

Please ensure that you are in a private and quiet environment with strong internet connection before joining the medical evaluation. Otherwise, you will be charged the cancellation fee and will need to reschedule your consultation.

For iOS users, you must be on the Nue Life app for this video evaluation. For Android users, you must be on the Nue Life portal (on your laptop) on the Chrome browser.

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