A simultaneous ring group is a method for distributing a phone call to a single telephone number to a group of several telephone numbers. In a simultaneous ring group all the phones will ring at once.

Numa can be added to a simultaneous ring group and be configured to answer when no one else answers (after a set amount of time). Below are some instructions on how to do this.

  1. Log into your phone providers online portal.
  2. Add your businesses Numa number to the ring group. You can find your Numa number by going to Set up Numa > Phone numbers.
  3. Go to Set up Numa > Phone numbers > Select your Numa number > Advanced Options. Add an artificial delay. Choose a delay time that is shorter enough so that you have time to answer the phones that ring in the group but not too long (or else a non-Numa voicemail may kick in). 

How to Confirm It's Working

Call your business's phone number from your personal phone. If nobody answers, you should hear your Numa Voicemail greeting.


No matter what, don't hesitate to contact Numa support! We'll happily work with you and your service provider to get you all set up.

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