What are food groups and equivalents?

Learn how to add lists of equivalents on your meal plans

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Nutrium has integrated the possibility for professionals to create food groups and lists on the section "Equivalents", you can create your own lists and add them to your clients' meal plans.

In order to do that, you just need to click on the left-side menu "Equivalents" and click on "Create new list of equivalents".

In the section Food Groups, you can add foods with shared nutritional and biological properties among them, like different types of bread (multigrain bread, whole wheat bread, oatmeal bread).

In the section List of equivalents you can add different foods with similar nutritional characteristics in which consumption can be switched or replaced, for example, different types of cereals (breakfast cereals, porridge oats, and crackers).

You can also set different options for each food on the meal plan. If you wish to know how to do it check out this article "How do I add different components and options to the meal plan?" or check our blog post "Create your own food lists"

This will allow your client to choose different options when putting a meal together, making the meal plan much more diverse. 

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