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How to make the complete nutritional assessment of my clients?
How to make the complete nutritional assessment of my clients?

Learn how to register your clients' antrhopometric measurements and blood analysis

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With Nutrium you can register several measurements and also choose the ones you use the most on the anthropometric assessment.

You can register these measurements on the section "Measurements" of the appointment flow. Just click on the specific measure you wish to evaluate and write that value on the right side of the page, in "New measurement". 

You can also choose to register all those measurements simultaneously by clicking on the button "Register multiple measurements at once", making this process quicker. 

The system will predict some measurements automatically by using predictive equations.

Didn't find the measurements you were looking for? Know how to customize which measurements to use on the appointment in this article.

Registering measurements is a very important step in Nutrium appointment flow so that in "Planning" you can plan your client's nutritional intervention and meal plan.

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