How to get started with Nutrium?

Learn how to get started with the software

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With Nutrium you can manage all client data, make the nutritional assessment, create meal plans and recipes, and make an in-depth nutrition analysis of nutrients. With the bonus of delivering all the info to your clients with an amazing layout or using a mobile app. 

Here's what you should be exploring inside the software:

1. Explore how to register all the appointment information

The first step is to start the appointment with the client we created so you can learn which are the fields you can register on the software.

In there you can:

  • Register why is the client meeting you, their food diaries and medical information about the client in the section "Information";

  • After the first appointment, check how clients are doing by seeing their food entries, physical activity, and water intake logs, in "Follow-up"; 

  • Register anthropometric measurements, blood analysis and assess body composition with predictive equations in the section "Measurements";

  • Plan the client's weight goal, basal metabolic rate, energy needs and macro distribution in the section "Planning"

  • Create or import meal plans and recipes in the section "Meals";

  • Give advice on physical activity and foods to avoid in the section "Recommendations";

  • Check the macronutrient distribution of your meal plan in "Analysis";

  • Invite clients to access the mobile app or print the meal plan in "Deliverables".

Please make sure to complete the appointment clicking on the flag icon so that you can start new appointments later on. 

2. Recommend the mobile app to your clients

Make clients go paperless and offer them a mobile app where they can check your recommendations, chat with you, and get notifications to not fall off track. Only you can manage their access to the app. 

Check out this article to learn how everything about the app and how to give access. 

3. Schedule a new appointment and register a new client

It's now time to start adding your clients to Nutrium so register a new client and then schedule an appointment with them. 

4. Add your branding logo to Nutrium

Make all the printable documents personalized with your own logo. Check this article to learn how to add it

5. There's so much more to it...

  • Check on the client by sending them regular messages through the mobile app;

  • Speed your consultations by creating meal plan templates and personalise them with your clients' preferences;

  • Add your own recipes to the platform - add them to meal plans, print them, or publish them on your website. 

  • Publish your own website with Nutrium to share your recipes and create blog posts.

Got any doubts? What our demo!

We are available to answer them on the software chat or access our FAQ page to learn more about what you can do with Nutrium and innovate your business. 

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