How to enable online scheduling and bookings

Clients can book appointments with you through Nutrium, by using your scheduling link

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What does this feature allow you:

  • Receive new appointment requests automatically;

  • Associate your scheduling link on your website, social media or any other platform;

  • Approve any request and clarify doubts with the client;

  • Reschedule or cancel appointments with clients (they'll be notified by email); 

How to activate the online booking system:

Access your Calendar page and check the 3 steps that must be taken to activate this feature:

1. Add workplaces:

To set your workplace make sure to:

  • Check if the name, logo, and colors are correct;

  • Add the address, city country, and postal code, in case this workplace is a physical one and has an address.

In case this is an online workplace, you will only need to select the option “Do not associate address (Online appointments only).

Read this article to learn more about adding a workplace

2. Set your working schedule

Read this article to learn how to add your work schedule.

3. Add your services

This section on your profile was created for you to let clients know what services you offer in your business. The fields must all be filled out. 

Make sure that the following does not happen: 

  • Your working schedule is not set to a workplace different than the services offered;

  • Your working schedule is too short for the duration of the services selected. 

When all these 3 steps are successfully concluded, go back to the Calendar section. The link that allows clients to book appointments with you, online, should be visible.

You can share this link on social media, directly to clients or any other platform. 

This option is also available on your Nutrium website. Clients can click there directly and request an appointment. 

Check here to learn how to create your website. 

You can always disable this feature in the Configurations and Preferences page. 

Now even more clients can schedule an appointment with you, according to your schedule and workplace.

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