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What are active clients in Nutrium and how are they counted?
What are active clients in Nutrium and how are they counted?

Understand what active clients mean and what is considered an active client in Nutrium

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Nutrium is a web-based software that stores all in the info in the cloud and runs on a subscription model. 

In order to adapt Nutrium to different stages of nutrition businesses, there are three types of personalization that can be done to subscriptions:

  • version or plan (Meal Plan or Follow Up) -  check out all of the features we offer here;

  • subscription duration (monthly, quarterly, biannual, annual) - longer commitments offer a special price;

  • The number of active clients per month (10, 25, 75, or unlimited) - choose the client limit suitable to your volume of appointments per month, upgrade at any time.

What is an active client?

A client is considered active in Nutrium, when their information, measurements, recommendations, and/or food plan are edited. They stay active during the current month when any of the above is edited.

You can have, for instance, about 50 patients registered on the software and only have 25 active clients throughout each month.

How does Nutrium count active clients?

The count of active clients is done every month and starts at the beginning of the month. In practice, on the first day of every month, your active client number is always zero.

Over the course of the month, as you edit the information of clients, your number of active clients increases and returns to zero on the first day of the following month.

If you change the info on April 4th they will only turn inactive on the first of the following month.

How do you change the number of active clients of your subscription?

At any time, you can increase (or decrease) the number of active clients of your subscription. You just have to access the Manage subscription tab on the software and upgrade it.

You will only be billed the difference between the upgrade package and your current one. The subscription period cannot be changed before its due date

Please note that your subscription's renewal date may not be the same as your active clients' date (which is always the end of the current month).

For instance, if, on April 15th, you have subscribed to a monthly plan with a limit of 10 clients per month, you will notice that the number of active clients will return to zero in the middle of your subscription (May 1st). In case that you need to upgrade the limit of clients after May 10th, you will be billed the difference of both packages until the day of your subscription renewal (May 15th) and the following months will be billed with the new subscription package pricing. 

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