How to integrate Nutrium with Google Calendar

With Nutrium you can synchronize your appointments with Google Calendar and send notifications to clients through this service

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Nutrium allows you to sync all the commitments scheduled in the software calendar (appointments and events) with Google Calendar.

By mirroring your nutrition appointments and professional events scheduled in Nutrium in your Google Calendar app, you can control your schedule and availability and be more organized.

Here's how you can sync your appointments:

  • Clients will be notified by e-mail. The notification email is sent directly through Google Calendar;

  • Clients can add this event to their Google Calendar;

  • If you use Google Meet, this option is required to generate a video call link;

  • Any nutrition appointments are immediately synced in your Google Calendar.

This integration only allows that your appointments are synced into Google Calendar, and not the other way around. Events created in the Nutrium calendar will not be added to Google Calendar.

How to enable this integration

The following steps will enable this integration by default in all the appointments scheduled with Nutrium.

2. Find the Google Calendar card;

3. Click "Enable" to give Nutrium permission to integrate with your Google Calendar account.

Access to tab "Calendar" and click in the + icon to schedule an appointment with a client or event. You'll see the option "Sync appointment with Google Calendar" or "Sync event with Google Calendar" will be selected by default.

Enabling this integration in Google Calendar is important for clients to be notified of their upcoming appointment, and it generates a link for a video conference call with Google Meet - Nutrium provides the link automatically when clicking in "Save".

Check here how and appointment or event will look like.

Any update in the upcoming appointment or scheduled event (updates in the day or hour or even cancelations) will also be updated in Google Calendar. Check here how a canceled appointment would look like:

When you delete an appointment or event, these are automatically deleted in Google Calendar.

How to disable the Google Calendar integration

2. Find the Google Calendar card;

3. Click in "Disable" so that Nutrium no longer syncs your event or appointments with your Google Calendar or your clients'.

Or you can disable this integration at any moment through your Google Account permissions.

This is useful if you want to stop sending events notifications or scheduled appointments in Nutrium to your Google Calendar app, your clients' calendar (in case of appointments) or if you want to update your Google Calendar account.

If you have any questions about this feature let us know on the software chat or check our blog post.

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