In Nutrium you can create a PDF document with the client's information and automatically save it in the Files section on their profile. This feature aims to help you organize the information of each query, so you can have everything stored in the client's profile in a safe and intuitive way.

To do this, access their profile and the "Information" tab, where in the first bar on the right you will see two buttons, one to save and one to print.

In the "save" button you will be able to see the option to save a summary with the client's information in the software. You will have to click and confirm.

When confirmed, you will see the option to choose the name of the report. Here you will be able to add or change the name if you want to and then you just need to click "Save" and validate.

Afterwards, just go down to the "Files" section and see the document already saved in the client's profile.

And like that, with a click, you can view the PDF with the report on your client’s profile.

By clicking on the "print" button, you will be able to generate the document in PDF and be able to save or edit it.

So, what do you think of this new feature? In case of doubts or additional questions, you can reach us directly on the chat or via email

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