How do I send clients a follow-up message?

Learn 3 different ways to send your clients a message

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Keeping in touch with your clients is now much easier and secure with Nutrium. You can send messages through software and your clients will receive them immediately on their mobile app. This feature is exclusive of the Follow-up Package.

If they don't check it within 30 minutes, they will also receive a notification on their email, and you can make sure they receive the message on both devices by clicking in "Notify by email".

There are 3 simple ways to send messages to your clients:

1. Through the messages section

You can send your clients a message by clicking on the "Messages" section on the left side-bar menu. On the upper right corner, you will find the button "Send message".

2. Through the client's profile

On the client profile, you can click on the button "Send message" under their profile picture.

3. On the "Deliverables" section

On the last page of the appointment layout, you will find the same button "Send message", click here to chat with your clients. 

If that's your case, you can also send a message to multiple clients at once. Learn how in here.

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