With Nutrium you can create recipes and use them to complement your client's meal plan.

To do so, in the side menu under "Recipes", you must select the "Create new recipe" button and follow all the steps to create your recipe.

After defining the name of the recipe, the method of preparation and the ingredients, you must add the portions, clicking on "Portion and common measures", and the number of portions will influence the energy value and nutritional analysis of your recipe.

To use the recipes created in your client's meal plan when adding a new food, you just have to, in the "Meal plan" tab of the appointment flow, and search the "My recipes" database.

If you want to use a recipe created by a nutritionist in the community, you must first save it as a favorite in "Recipes".

Then, on the "Meal plan" tab of the appointment flow, you must search the "Favorites recipes" database.

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