This tutorial is part of the Using the 3D drag-and-drop editor series.

To use the editor, you'll need to select a 3D space template or use a custom 3D space on your account. Learn more about 3D space templates.

Once you've selected your 3D space for your project and opened it in the visual editor, you can import your images, videos, 3D objects, and other media to be arranged into place.

This guide takes you through the steps for uploading three media types in the following file formats:

  • Images: .png, .jpg, .gif

  • Videos: .mp4

  • 3D objects: .obj, .fbx, .glb. zip

Note: The maximum file size is 15MB for optimal browser performance.

Getting started

On the side toolbar located on the left of your screen, select the Upload button at the top to open the media drawer.

A. Uploading an image

  1. Select the Images tab and click the blue Upload image button to open the grey file box.

  2. Click on the empty grey box to open a file explorer and select your images. You can also drag and drop the images into the box. Select Upload To Media Library to confirm upload.

Your images are now uploaded so you can arrange them in your 3D design project.

B. Uploading a 3D model

  1. Select the Models tab and click the blue Upload model button.

  2. Click on the grey box to open the file explorer and select your files, or drag and drop the model files into the box. Then select Upload To Media Library to confirm upload.

We recommend that you upload files in glb format, for best file compatibility. 
When exporting your files from your preferred 3D modelling software, enable
support for gLTF.
If you're uploading an .obj file, you'll need to place both the .obj
and .mtl files in a zip folder so they can be uploaded together.

Your 3D models are now uploaded so you can arrange them in your 3D design project.

For more guidance on which file formats are supported with Oarbt, read Supported file formats for 3D models.

C. Uploading a video

There are two ways to add videos into the 3D editor. Select the Videos tab which will show the Upload videos and Add URL buttons.

Option A: Direct upload

  • Select the blue Upload video button which will open a box to drag and drop the files or click to open your file explorer. Once you've added your files, confirm by selecting Upload To Media Library.

Option B: Hosted URL

  • To add the video with a hosted video link, select the blue Add URL button. Paste the link of the video you wish to import and click Add. Paste a directly hosted URL from platform like AWS, Dropbox or Drive

Now you're ready to click and arrange the 3D models within your 3D space!

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