This tutorial is part of the Using the 3D drag-and-drop editor series.

The previous article Arrange images, videos, 3D models, and products in a 3D space guides you through how to position items in your 3D project.

Adding title, price, dimensions and description

When you drag an item into the 3D space for the first time, you'll be prompted to enter details about the item. Add these details for your audience and click Save to confirm the item's placement in the 3D space.

Enabling and disabling action buttons

You can enable the action button for items that have a unique URL that you would like users to visit if they are interested in purchasing or learning more about the item.

Select Yes or No to identify whether the item is for sale.

If you select yes...

..this enables the price and currency fields along with the call to action buttons. You can select the button label (Buy now, Learn more, Purchase, View details, Book now) and add the URL in format.

If you select no... still have the option enable or disable a call to action button. This can used to direct users to a website page where they can learn more.

If you prefer to not have an action button on an item, you can select Disable to skip this step.

Editing action button after media upload

To change the product URL settings after initial media upload, click on the product to see the Edit icon as shown below. This will open the modal to update the product details where you can update the product URL settings and save your changes.

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