This tutorial is part of the Using the 3D drag-and-drop editor series.

Adding music or a recorded audio tour is a great way to increase the engagement and conversions of your 3D design projects.

How to add audio files to your 3D showcase

Note: The accepted audio file formats are (.mp3), (.ogg), (.wav), (.aiff), (.aif).

1. On the sidebar to the left of your 3D visual editor, select the sound button on the lower side as shown by the arrow.

2. Select Add audio to import your audio files using the file explorer or by dragging and dropping the file into the grey box. Once the files are selected, confirm the upload with Upload To Media Library.

3. To test the audio in your 3D project, enable Preview mode and the audio will begin to play. Click on the sound button to toggle the audio on/off as shown by the arrow on the upper right corner in the image below.

Learn more about how to view in preview mode.

Note: Some browsers may experience a delay in loading due to the file size. If the audio doesn't work the first time while in Preview mode, restore this by exiting and re-entering preview mode again.

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