I can't make any of the dates listed but really want to attend, can I request a date?

Our Flexitime feature allows you to book a class on request. If none of the class dates listed work for you, then you may see the option to select a date and time from our Flexitime calendar option, or the Flexitime button:

Once selected, you will then be taken to our payment page to input your card details and confirm your request. Please note, this authorises your payment only, so you will not be charged until the booking is confirmed by our teacher. 

You will receive an email to confirm your request, and so will our teacher. They then have 48 hours to confirm your booking. Please do bear with them, as not all teachers have constant access to their email (teaching a class sometimes gets in the way!). 

If your booking is confirmed, you will receive another email with the subject line "Obby - booking confirmed!". And that's it - enjoy the class!

If your booking can't be accepted, you will receive an email with a list of suggested dates and times our teacher has offered as an alternative. If you can do an alternative date, great(!), we will confirm your new booking date and time. If not, we will remove the authorisation from your card so you won't be charged.

I can only select for a minimum of 4 or more guests?

Not all teachers can offer our Flexitime feature for bookings of 1 guest, but they do use it as a way to offer private group bookings. 

In this case, it's a great way to bring friends, family or colleagues together to organise a class that's just for you! 

Simply follow the steps a above, and Hey Presto!, you've got yourself a booking 😀

I haven't heard back more than 48 hours after booking?

If you have not received a booking confirmation, or an email with alternative dates, within 48 hours. Please email hello@obby.co.uk with your booking reference and we will chase this up for you! 

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