Give the gift of learning! Obby gift cards are available on any of our 2,500+ classes - from pottery to meditation to languages & more!

You can either choose to email or print off our e-gift cards or have your Obby gift card delivered by post, to an address of your choice.

E-Gift card

If you would like to receive your gift card as an email then select the Delivery Method option "email to recipient". You will then be prompted to enter who the gift card is from and who it is to. 

You can also make your e-gift card personal by choosing one of the Obby characters and writing a short message from you. If you want to print this email off so you can physically give the gift card, then please enter your email address where it says to enter "Recipient's email address", otherwise, if you would like it to go directly to them, then enter their email address here.

Physical Gift card

If you would prefer a physical gift card then select the Delivery Method option "Delivered by 1st Class Royal Mail post (£4.99)". 

You will then be prompted to enter the name and address that you want us to send this gift card too. If you want the gift card to go directly to the recipient then enter their name and address. If you would prefer the gift card to come directly to you then please enter your name and address. The gift card will be enclosed in an open blank envelope for you to personalise if you wish.

Once you have filled out the information and clicked through to the payment page, for both e-gift cards and physical gift cards, you will need to fill out "Your details" and "Payment details". Please make sure you fill out all this information with your details and not the recipients!


To make sure your physical gift card arrives in time for Christmas day, please make sure you complete your purchase before 3pm Thursday 20th December. We won't be able to guarantee it will be delivered before 25th December if you order after this time.

Happy gifting! 🎁

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