Thanks for booking and sorry you are yet to hear back about your booking request!

If you have just booked a flexitime class with Obby, please allow 48 hours to receive your confirmation. After 48 hours, if you are still to receive your booking confirmation then please check your junk folders in case it has been filtered as spam.

If it's after 48 hours and you have not received either a confirmation or rejection email from us, then please reply to your booking request email to let us know you are still waiting to hear. 

If you can not find you booking request email, then please use the button below to let us know and make sure you include:

  • The name you booked with

  • The email address you booked with

  • The name of the class or the URL link of the class

  • The date and time of your request

The more information you can provide about your booking request the faster we will be able to investigate and get an answer to you.

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