As I am sure you know, Obby works with over 1000 amazing teachers all over London in lots of different learning categories.

Our teachers are very loyal to the Obby teaching community and work really hard to ensure that they provide the best learning opportunities for all of our wonderful students.

Some of our teachers go above and beyond to deliver classes and courses that we think are simply spectacular and so we wanted to find a way of awarding those teachers for their efforts - they are known as Top Teachers!

Obby's Top Teachers all share the following criteria:

  1. They have consistently received extremely positive reviews for their classes. This is measured on both a quantity of the reviews left (i.e. the number of people who want to share their experience) as well as the quality of the reviews (i.e. the ⭐️rating).
  2. They keep their class listing up to date with new information about their venue, new dates, reminders and constantly showcase new pictures of happy students on their classes.
  3. They receive a flurry of customer requests on a regular basis and get back to those customers very quickly and will bend over backwards to accommodate new students (even, sometimes, when they are full).
  4. Finally, they do not cancel on students. Sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, it does happen, but we have seen from experience that these Teachers very, very rarely cancel on students - because their goal, like ours, is to provide the best learning experience possible.

N.B. The Obby 'Top Teacher' status is awarded at the discretion of Obby. It is not based on external factors such as the certificates or accreditations held by our teachers and we receive no financial benefit from our Teachers when awarding the badge.

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