We are building quite a wonderful Obby community. We think that reviews, messaging and ratings are a great way to find out everything you need to know about classes, courses, and teachers. To keep things honest, clean and real, we have created these guidelines.

So, in the name of a healthy, positive community, here are the Obby Community Guidelines:

The good stuff:

How to get the best Obby experience

  1. Get stuck in. Whatever you have to say, chances are there’s someone out there who will benefit from your personal first-hand experiences, knowledge and opinions. Share them all—good or bad—and include as many facts and details as you can.

  2.  Be constructive. If you had a bit of a rubbish experience, tell us why. Be specific about what it was that didn’t hit the spot and not only will other users take you more seriously, but the business or professional involved is much more likely to listen up and improve.

  3. Be courteous. We are a diverse community of people with diverse opinions. Speaking to and about people with respect means that everyone feels free to have their say.

  4. Speak the Queen’s English. Your contributions are your voice on Obby, so make sure those smooth, dulcet tones ring out by being as clear, descriptive and typo-free as possible.

The naughty stuff:

How to get yourself struck off our Christmas card list

  1. Don’t fake it. Please only write reviews based on your own personal experience and only submit content that you know to be accurate and fair. 

  2. Keep the peace. Obby is not the place for threats, personal attacks, aggressive comments or hateful, bigoted or racist speech. We are a community of people with diverse beliefs, opinions and backgrounds, so please be respectful.

  3. Don’t talk dirty. We want to keep things clean, which means no swear words, no vulgar comments, no sexually explicit language or images and no lewd propositions. Also, please don’t write entirely in CAPS—it may be big, but it’s not clever.

  4. No spam. Any obvious advertising references found in reviews, comments or other content will be deleted immediately. It is not permitted to post links, HTML, provide phone numbers, email addresses or to provide information that is unrelated to the topic in order to solicit personal or financial gain. 

  5. No cheating. Our reputation and Obby credit system is there to recognise and reward students for writing reviews and contributing their knowledge to the Obby community. Creating multiple accounts, posting content for the sole purpose of gaining credit is cheating and you will be penalised.

When we have to step in:

Obby does not edit the content of reviews, comments or other user generated content on Obby. However, we reserve the right to remove content that we determine to be inappropriate and/or in violation of the Obby community guidelines. Depending on the level of offence, violating the community guidelines may result in the termination of your Obby account without warning.

These guidelines were written with the best interests of the Obby community in mind. If you have any additional suggestions on how to improve them, or any other feedback, please send us an email at hello@obby.co.uk.

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