You may have seen the term virtual classroom around and about on your emails or on the website, and are wondering what this is and how you can access it. Well, read on...

What is the virtual classroom?

The virtual classroom acts as the be-all and end-all page for your Obby booking. In the classroom you'll find:

  • Your booking details

  • The "JOIN CLASS" button to open Zoom when the time is right

  • Pre-class information and notes from your teacher

  • Inspirational content to get you excited for your class

  • Links to our Help pages

  • Direct messaging with your teacher

  • Post-class information which is unlocked after your class

When can I access the virtual classroom?

You'll be taken straight to the virtual classroom as soon as you have finished checkout for a booking. This page will remain live for your booking before and after your class, so remember to check back every now and then to see what's new! 

How can I access the virtual classroom?

As mentioned above, you'll first land on the virtual classroom after the check out process for a booking. 

After this point, you can access the virtual class from the below emails:

[N.B. You may not receive all of these emails if you have booked close in time to your class. However, you will always receive a booking confirmation email.]

  • Your booking confirmation email

  • Your "message from Obby" email when booking

  • Your reminder email sent the morning of your class

You can also go to your Bookings page and follow these steps:

  • Login to your Obby user account;

  • OR sign up for an Obby user account (making sure to use the same email address you used when booking)

  • Find your upcoming booking

Before your class; 

  • Click "Join class"

After your class;

  • Click "Leave a review"

Important to remember...

The virtual classroom is the page you need to join any live, online class booked on Obby. Make sure you are familiar with the page before your class and if you have any issues accessing it, please contact us! 

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