Whilst we have tried to provide general guidance for all Obby teachers, some of our teachers will be covered under certain exemptions and therefore may be able to continue teaching when others cannot.

Obby Teachers & Students should review the list of exemptions for each tier themselves and seek their own legal advise for each individual circumstance where necessary.

To review Tier 1 (medium) exemptions, click here.

To review Tier 2 (high) exemptions, click here.

To review Tier 3 (very high) exemptions, click here.

To review Tier 4 (stay at home) exemptions, click here.

It is worth noting that a few exemptions may be of particular importance to a number of Obby teachers, but please read each exemption list in full:

  • for supervised activities provided for children, including wraparound care (before and after school childcare), youth groups and activities, and children’s playgroups.

  • for registered childcare, education or training.

  • for outdoor classes.

  • [Tier 4] You can leave home for education related to the formal curriculum or training, registered childcare, under-18 sport and physical activity, and supervised activities for children that are necessary to allow parents/carers to work, seek work, or undertake education or training.

Please note that any guidance we provide, relating to COVID-19 or other regulations, is general advice based on our interpretation of the regulations and official guidance. However, we cannot provide legal advice - teachers seeking legal advice should consult their own lawyers to obtain advice specific to their particular circumstances.

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